A Five-day Vacation in Chile – What is it like?


Undoubtedly, Chile is an exciting destination. However, what makes it really unique of all South American countries is the natural beauty and fairly stable political situation. Honestly, one week is not enough to tour Chile but there are a lot of things you can do if you know where to go. Here are some suggestions.

Day 1: Visit Santiago

Santiago is the business center of Chile. You can book your hotel here and wake up with a luxurious breakfast served in your room before embarking a journey. Some great places to go in Santiago include the Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino and the Museo de Bellas Artes. But if you have jet lag and simply want to relax on your first, try to grab a coffee in one of Lastarria’s best cafés.

Day 2: Valparaiso day trip

 Take a bus-ride to Valparaiso, which is the bustling port city of Chile. Although a beauty, you can enjoy the place for one day and take as many photos as you wish. Here, you can enjoy the murals on the streets which are quite artsy. The breath of fresh air is also very relaxing.

Day 3: Santiago & Vineyard Tour

If you love wines, you should take a wine tour in Santiago in the afternoon. This place is blessed with fabulous vineyards not to mention the scenic place of Cousino Macul and Concha Y Toro. Then you can dine from a variety of restaurants in the city. Well, your third day should be just all about self-pampering and relaxation. The best wine in Chile and a sumptuous dinner in one of its restaurants can fix that.

Day 4: Atacama

You won’t experience nature like any other place than Atacama. Talk about the tranquil village of San Pedro de Atacama and the epic scenery as you travel through the valleys.  You can stay here overnight and do the rest of the things the next day. Fortunately, Atacama is a great hub of hotels where you can stay.

Day 5: Geysers el Tatio

The reason why you should stay in Atacama is Geysers El Tatio. A geyser is a hole on Earth’s surface that ejects a column of hot water from time to time. Geysers El Tatio is located 4, 320 meters above sea level so it is going to be challenging but a trip to this place is going to be worth it.